Friday, July 24, 2009


Who out there just doesn't feel like using the iPhone keyboard sometimes? *Raises hand and waves it like he just doesn't care*. Well, here is your solution, sort of. Its called Vlingo and it costs absolutely nothing in the App Store. I can honestly say that this looks like one of those simple little apps that someone spent a lot of time working on. It just plain works.
"What does it do?", you ask??? Well I'll tell you. Using your voice, you can direct the phone to do some really awesome features. Now this does not have all the same features as the Voice Control in the iPhone 3GS, but it does share a few of them. The first feature is the ability to speak and search for places on Google Maps. "Find frozen yogurt in San Francisco", and voila! There you have all the frozen yogurt shops in the San Francisco area! No problems. The next feature is the ability to search or You can also use the app to call people just by speaking their
name. Finally! It's about time... And last, but most certainly not least, this next feature is my favorite. You can speak and Tweet! This app is great for on-the-go tweeting, and its just so gosh darn easy to use! I highly recommend downloading this app for quick and easy shortcuts through your phone.
Now, if you were looking for an app that allows you to speak and text, well this app does not offer that. But there is an app that will in the near future. It's called Shout Out!. The
company, Promptu, promises that you will be able to speak something and then it will be turned into physical text that you can then use to email or sms someone. No one is sure exactly when it will be available, but it's supposed to be out by the end of this quarter. In the meantime, I love using Vlingo. Go download it today!

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