Friday, July 24, 2009

iSkin Revo2

Ok guys, so I just got my new case for my iPhone. The iSkin Revo2. The whole case is made of premium silicone. It is like a big rubber glove that protects my phone really well. This paired with the InvisibleShield that @zjh90 already reviewed is what I have on my phone now. And that stuff people say about silicone being hard to get out of your pocket...what?! (Are you wearing silicone pants, or skinny jeans?) haha.

The Pros:
-Fits like a glove
-Protects all areas of the iPhone, including the silver bezel
-I can easily put it in and take it out of my pocket
Sleek, I dont really notice it(im used to having a case on my phone, the Speck Candyshell)
-Covers all ports, with a little silicone flaps
-Grippy, won't fall out of your hand.

The Cons:
-Silicone (i prefer hard cases)
-Attracts a little bit of lint after being in my pocket, but it was nothing I couldnt handle easily
-May be harder for people with big thumbs to tap the space button in SMS.
-The hard removable screen protector seems pointless for any iPhone user who needs to access their phone quickly or is constantly on it.

Overall, this case is amazing for the iPhone, I truly do love it! (i think even more than my Speck Candyshells) The only downsides that I have encounterd is the little bit of pocket lint that sticks to the case and builds up around the screen. I really think you should check out this case though at for $39.99 or any Apple Store. The only problem with the Apple Store is that none of the 4 stores were in stock and they didnt expect to be getting anymore soon...WEIRD.
And as a last resort, try eBay! Thats where I got mine. $24.99! :D

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  1. I found this review to be very thorough and well written. I especially enjoyed the pro list!


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