Tuesday, August 25, 2009


File sharing between your computer and your mac is a genius idea, if it worked.  ZumoDrive seems like a really good idea: use your wifi connection to view files and pictures from your computer on your iPhone.  Now this is not a new concept. There are dozens of apps that offer this ability, but not many of them are free.  So naturally I was inclined to try ZumoDrive.  Not worth it.  Juts steer clear of this one.

Aqua Globs

Aqua Globs is another game in the very same likeness of FlightControl and HarborMaster.  But instead of airplanes landing safely on the runway or docking ships to unload their shipment, you have to combine similarly colored amoebas together to make them disappear and avoid colliding two different colored amoebas.  Nothing really special.  I much more prefer either FlightControl or HarborMaster because in Aqua Globs it becomes very difficult to manage all of the blobs when more than four come onto the screen.  $.99 in the AppStore.

Simplify Music (Original)

      How often have you been listening to the music on your iPhone when you think, "Hey! I really want to listen to *insert title of song you haven't listened to in forever*!", but to your disappointment, when you go to look for that song, you realize you don't have it synced to your phone currently and will have to wait until you can get back to your computer? For me, at least, it happens all the time.  Well, Simplify Music seeks to solve this dilemma that has been tearing away at techies since the dawn of the mp3 player.  And I've got to say, Simplify Music does a really impressive job.
      What the app does is uploads all of your music to a "cloud" (very similar to Apple's Me account), and from there, your iPhone can connect to this cloud to access all of your music, from ANYWHERE! That's right, it does not just do it over wifi, but also through the cellular network of your phone.  That is a really powerful ability.
      The only extra step you need to take other than just download the app on your phone is to download the free software available on their website.  The only real problems I foresee is that for your phone to connect with the cloud, the computer the music is coming from needs to be on and have the software running.  This would be no problem for a desktop computer, but for a laptop, that is almost impossible.  It's $3.99 in the AppStore, which is a little steep, but might be worth it to some users.

Current Temperature

Here is a pretty cool app for you guys who like always knowing the temperature of you location. This app is called Current Temperature and is available in the App Store! Basically you start up the app, plug in your current location either by zip code or city and a list of stats will pop up on the screen. You can also search your exact location through the satellite. Once you have done that, close the app and a little badge will display the temperature on this app icon. The app pushes and updates your badge every hour. My only complaint is that: I wish this app had a choice to push more often than every hour. Other than that, its a great app and I really recommend it if you love knowing the temperature all the time. Check it out in the App Store today for $0.99!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sportacular Update: (now includes push)

Hey All! As promised, here is the review of Sportacular with the new update. This new update has a couple new features but the one I really want to highlight is the push notifications for sports scores! Prior to thisupdate, I had been using SportsTap, which is a great app for push notification but I didnt like the user interface all that much. Now Sportacular has come out with an update that includes push! In this update you are able to choose from all the sports that my previous review mentioned. You can have pushes sent to you: whenever the game starts, at the end of each inning, at a score change, lead change, and the final score! Right after I downloaded the update, this became my full time sports scores/news/schedule app. I got rid of SportsTap. Check out this app today! There is both a FREE version and a PRO version for $1.99.


Here is another battery app! This one does the exact same thing as the other battery app that I reviewed. This one is called Juice. This battery has the same features regarding how the battery is read where that it decreases in 5% increments becasue that is the only way developers are allowed to access the battery via a 3rd party app. Apple doesnt allow developers the exact statistics of the battery. A really cool thing about this app is that there are tons of choices as to what you want the battery to look like: whether it be different neon batteries, or a glass of soda or beer. Check it out in the App Store today. It's $0.99. It may seem a little steep, but if you want some choices in the style of the battery, then this app is right for you!
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