Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Words With Friends

By the same makers of Chess With Friends, comes another game to be played with your friends when you are not with them.  Words With Friends is a Scrabble type game where you must use the letters allotted to you to make words.  You gain points based on the point value of the letters you place on the board.  These games do not have push notifications, but they make up for it by offering a text message every time it is your turn to play.  Overall, we really enjoy these games. $.99 or a free version, the difference between the two is a unclear.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tech21 iBand

Check out this material that this company, Tech21, is using to develop stronger and safer cases for all sorts of electronics, including the iPhone.  It's a unique material that when touched slowly has the consistency of silly-putty, but when hit with high impact, it hardens up and absorbs the shock perfectly.  The guys in the video even wrap it around their fingers, then bang it with a mallet.  I want one!!!

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