Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pocket Devil

For fans of Pocket God, Pocket Devil will look very familiar.  Unfortunately, Pocket Devil is nowhere near as fun as Pocket God.  While it does run very similarly to Pocket God, Pocket Devil just doesn't work.  I can barely get anything done before the whole thing crashes.  If I can manage to keep it running, it's extremely laggy.  Not to mention, not all that fun at all.  It's kind of an R-rated Pocket God.  You can still torture the little devils, except there is alot more blood.  Plus, none of the torturings are very fun at all.  One of the worst the worst $.99 ever spent in the AppStore.  Just don't even bother with it.


This is an app for you theater tech nerds out there who follow our blog (because I am sure there are so many of you).  iGobo is an app made by Rosco that allows you to look at their entire of stock of gobos right there in the app.  If you don't know what a gobo is already, odds are you won't care, but gobos are the small metal plates that images can be cut out of and then placed into theater lights in order to project a pattern.  This app has actually already saved the day several times at work, and luckily, it's free!  So techies unite, and go get iGobo!


Here we have another one of my guilty pleasures/addictions.  This app is very similar to Yahoo Answers. Aardvark allows you to ask a question, and the app sends the question out to anyone at random to see if it can retrieve an answer.  Answers are usually very quick and productive.  Even more fun is being able to also answer other people's questions.  Maybe it has something to do with my God-complex, but I just can't resist the chance to attempt to answer other people's questions!  A fun story involving this app is that I once answered a question for a girl, who as it turned out, was in my philosophy class.  Out of all the people in the world for the app to send the question to, it sent it to me.  Even more crazy was that when her and I got to talking, we discovered that we were both born in the same city, within the same month, in the same hospital! If that isn't a strange twist of fate, I am not sure what is.  So go try this app, it's free, and who knows, you might meet someone interesting!


Here is a game that isn't like much else available in the AppStore.  The object of Fling is to fling these little furry creatures into each other in order to get them to knock each other off of the playing field. The difficult part is that you have to strategize in order to ensure that only one of these little fuzzy characters is left on the playing field at the end.  Two versions, a free trial version and a $.99 version.  Easily one of my new favorites.


Wow, it sure has been a long time, but Vince and I have just been so busy with school and whatnot.  Luckily, I had 5 minutes to breath, and decided to do a new post.  I have been playing Link4 for the past week, and literally cannot stop.  The object of the game is exactly the same as the popular board game, ConnectFour.  The really fun part of this game is that you are playing against other players, and with every game you gain experience points and move up levels, also, with every win, you gain regular points.  There are currently two versions in the app store. A free one chalk full of ads and a $1.99 version that is ad-free and places a star next to your username to let everyone else know you payed extra just to avoid ads (oh, and to get a star).  I highly recommend this game because it has provided me with hours of entertainment.
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