Friday, July 24, 2009

Speck Fitted Case

Speck has become one of our favorite cases for our iPhones. Its because their cases are well-made, reliable, and downright awesome! And there's no exception for the Speck Fitted Case. What makes this case special is that rather than being made of plastic or silicone, its plastic with a stylish fabric coating on it. I have to say, this case looks sharp, and even better, Speck's line of backpacks can also match a couple of these cases. How cool is that?!?!
The case is made up of two different pieces (a front and back) that clip together quite securely. It does not create that much
bulk and looks really snazzy. The fitted case feels great in the hands and the fabric adds some really nice grip for your hands, but not any on tables or other hard surfaces. It comes in three really neat designs: Tan Houndstooth, Black and White Plaid, and Black Pinstripe.
Some problems I have run into are that dust most definitely gets into the case, so cleaning it often is a must! And since there are so many crevices in the case's clips, getting dust out becomes extremely cumbersome. Another
problem is that There really isn't any drop protection for this case, unlike the Speck CandyShell
Case (which I have actually
seen bounce back up).
Other than that, though, this case is a fun case to put on every now and then just to keep things interesting, but probably not the best case for long term use. It's $29.95 from the Speck Website.

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  1. I just recently bought this case and it didn't fit my iphone 3gs 32g. It would not close on one side!


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