Friday, July 24, 2009

Incase Slider

The Incase Slider was the first case I ever bought for my iPhone 3G. I spent several weeks doing all the research in the world on every iPhone case I could find and all signs pointed to the Incase Slider. And now for some reason, I feel so apathetic towards this case that I could barely start this review. I can no longer decide if I really like this case or if I really dislike this case. There are no real problems with the case, but there just isn't enough to it to make it interesting or to leave a lasting impression. What initially drew me to the case was it's simplistic and minimalist design. The matte black finish was exactly what I wished the actual iPhone plastic looked like. But as time went on, I just got bored. There was nothing really special about it. Some good things about the case are the really clean design, the matte black looks really nice, it adds hardly any bulk, and it feels really good in your hand. Some things about this case that erked me are that after some use, the matte finish started to scratch and even peel. It just doesn't seem to adhere to the plastic very well. Another problem is that the claimed ability to absorb shock and drops is so pathetic it hurts. In the pictures you can see that on the inside of the case there are two strips that are slightly darker than the rest of the case. Those two thin strips of rubber are supposed to absorb the shock of dropping your phone! That's it! Just two very thin strips. Lameskies... But putting that aside, this case is actually pretty exceptional when compared to some of the crap offered to protect your phone. If you're just looking for a case that is very simple and stylish, then this is the case for you. It runs for $34.95 on the Incase website, but you could probably find it much cheaper elsewhere because it probably isn't worth that much to begin with.

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