Friday, July 24, 2009

Camera Zoom

Camera Zoom is a cool little app for you camera enthusiasts. It really only does one thing though, Zooms in and Zooms out. There is a settings page where you can change the resolution, toggle "tap anywhere to take a picture", toggle "ask to save", toggle the "full screen slider", and also choose where you want the slider to be located: left, bottom, top, or right. You can also tell a friend about this app through an automated email or email the devs to give feedback.
I personally do not like this app all that much and even more that I bought it for $0.99 in the App Store. It's great that there is an app for zooming in and out, but this app seems to distort the image and make it super grainy.
I have posted two pictures along with this app review that show how the pictures turn out when zoomed all the way out and then zoomed all the way in. I chose this object because there are words on it and I was trying to show you how the picture turned out when zoomed in.
If you can, stay away from this app. I don't think it is worth the $0.99 paid for it. I do love the app for what it can do though if it were free, I just dont think it is worth what i paid for it. I will try and find another zoom in and out app to review. :D

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