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Epic Twitter App Wars

Are you ready to RUMBLE?! Up next in the line of postings is the Twitter App Wars! So here's how it is going to work. I am going to review 7 different Twitter Apps for the iPhone. I have had experience with all of these apps I am reviewing and have used each one at one time or another. I now keep them on my iPhone so that if anyone has a question about how a Twitter app works, I can try and help them. I have a whole page dedicated to these apps.

DISCLAIMER: all these twitter reviews were made by me and I have used all of these apps below

And in no particular order...

1. Birdfeed -- To start off, this app is characterized by the brown, wood looking icon that has a little hole for the bird in the shape of a chat bubble. Upon opening the app you will find that you have all your normal twitter app features. A Timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages, Favorites, My Profile, My Tweets, a Search feature, and a View User feature.

-Beautiful user interface
-Loads all your tweets quickly
-Simple to use
-Multiple twitter account compatible
-Your timeline is shown as a conversation with all tweets from the people you follow on the left side, and all of your own personal tweets coming from the right side.
-Your tweets and the tweets from others are different colors so that you notice right away which are yours.
-The back button to get from the timeline to the menu page has your twitter name and then a number. This number represents the mentions and DM's you may have.

-The only negative thing about this app is that you can not view a list of your followers, or the people you are following. If your followers are a big part of your twitter expirence, this may be hard for you to get used to.
-Also, Birdfeed has not yet allowed Boxcar to work with this twitter app, meaning you can not yet receive push-notifications about your mentions and DM's.
-There is not a contact list
-Uploading pictures seems slow for me.

Overall, this is a great app that I have really enjoyed using. The only downside for me is that push-notifications are not yet usable and picture uploading seems a tad bit slow for my liking. Check out Birdfeed in the App Store for $4.99

2. Tweetie -- Tweetie's icon is two shades of light/sky blue. It has the conversation bubbles, one facing left and the other facing right. This was my first paid twitter app and I could not have been any happier with it! It has a dock type display at the bottom of the app that has selections for Tweets, Mentions, Messages, Favorites, and then More(my profile, go to user, nearby, trends, and search)

-Beautiful user interface
-Multiple twitter account compatible
-Very simple to use
-The fastest Twitter app that I have used
-Flawless with uploading pictures
-Some cool color scheme themes
-There are followers and following lists that you can browse and access profiles from
-Realitvely cheap for what it can do at $2.99

-No contact list

I LOVE this twitter app. This is definetely one of my favorite ones. It is very clean, nice to look at and very powerful. It does everything you could want your twitter app to do, and it does it effortlessly. Very fast app! Check out Tweetie in the App Store for $2.99

3. SimplyTweet -- This is another very powerful twitter app that I have fallen in love with. The cool thing about this app is that there is a Lite Version as well as a paid version. The only difference between the two is that the paid verison has push notifications inside the app, which is a great feature to have. This is the first app with push notifications that has in app push, meaning you do not need a 3rd party app(Boxcar) to receive push-notifications.

-There is both a paid version and a Lite version
-Push notifications!
-There is a badge on the app so that you know you have a mention or a DM, and it remains until you check it. This feature can be toggled on and off in the settings menu.
-This twitter app has some really awesome themes so that you can personalize your twitter
-Followers and people you are following lists
-You can search all of your twitter followers for a specific picture. (ex: baseball) and all baseball pictures will show up on the screen
-You can save searches and tweets you like to RT later
-Something I really like about this app is that you can edit your twitter profile from within the app, it cuts out the middle man of having to go to

-It seems slower than Birdfeed or Tweetie
-There is a bug that you can not load your followers, mentions, and dm's at the same time or else the app gets slow and potentially crash
-So many features you could get lost in it all, and lose the whole purpose of tweeting

I really like this app and was using it as my default, all the time twitter app until Boxcar came out with an update allowing Twittelator as well as many other twitter apps to incorporate push-notifications. Check out SimplyTweet in the App Store for $4.99

4. iTwitter -- This twitter app is not my favorite. I luckily purchased it for free before the developer made it $2.99 in the App Store.

-Very simple to use, very straightforward
-You can view anything in this app in Landscape mode
-Contacts list
-Multiple twitter accounts

-Push notifications only works between users both using iTwitter. Kinda defeats the purpose if you ask me. It should not matter which app someone is using.
-Not up to par with the other twitter apps, which are more powerful than this.
-Too expensive at $2.99

Overall, this is a decent twitter app. I do not think it is worth it at $2.99 though. I think this could be a decent app if it was free or maybe $0.99. If you would like, check out iTwitter in the App Store!

5. Tweetdeck -- I had high expectations for this app. At first I used it on my pc and later my macbook pro when I got that. I love the pc/mac versions, but somehow the developers could not make it happen for the iPhone.

-Syncs with Tweetdeck on your pc/mac
-Cool icon
-It looks very similar to the pc/mac version for easy use between computer and iPhone
-There are three columns (All Friends, Mentions, DM) which are switched by sliding your finger left or right
-You can add colums as well, for instance if you want a column of your favorites or one specific follower you want to make sure you always see his/her tweets
-Very nice dock along the bottom featuring Updates, Refresh, Columns, Mark Seen, More

-Can be verrryy slow at times, but for the most part this was fixed through updates.
-The user interface is kind of messy with stuff all over. Seems like an organized mess. :D
-It appears that you can not save a tweet as a draft

I really like Tweetdeck for my mac/pc, but don't really suggest it for the iPhone. Try it out, let me know what you think! It can't hurt! It's FREE and a great app for tweeting if you like syncing it with your computer. Check out Tweetdeck in the App Store!

6. Twitterfon -- This is a great twitter app! The best part about it is that it had both a FREE version and a paid version. This app is well known for supplying 80% of your twitter needs while the paid version for $4.99 will cover all your needs for twitter.

-FREE version and a paid version for $4.99
-Brand new update has made the app 2x faster on launch and 1.5x faster in searches and scrolling speed.
-has badges at the bottom of the app displaying numbers representing how many tweets of all, mentions, and dm's you have.
-Contact list

-Twitterfon Lite only has 80% of features needed to use twitter]
-You can not choose a profile picture and make it fit the whole screen. No larger profile pics

I actually, suprisingly really like this app and what it can do! If I were you, get Twitterfon for FREE, and then if you like it, splurge and get Twitterfon Pro for $4.99. Also, I have some friends who actually use this app and would be happy to tell you more about it if you ask. @camhe12, @jenjengiles, @jessrene, and @kelbell5616

7. Twittelator -- To start off, this app's icon has a big egg on it. It kind of looks like those malt balls you eat during Easter, yumm! To me, this is the best twitter app of them all! I have been using this for a few weeks now and it is my default twitter app and it looks like it is here to stay. Also, the fact that Boxcar came out with an update that does push-notifications for this app made it all that much better.

-This is the most powerful twitter app in the App Store with over 150 features!
-Super fast app
-It has a great feature where you can save drafts and easily access them at a later time, so that you dont feel like you are spamming your followers, if you are having alot of great thoughts or are seeing some great tweets that you would like to RT.
-3 great theme colors to choose from
-Settings are within the app, not in the settings on the iPhone
-There are lots of choices in the settings as to what the interval is for how often the app refreshes.
-The tweets you send are a different color than the ones you receive, all being placed in the feed.
-These are just to name a few..

-The only problem I have encountered with this app is that sometime the picture uploader doesnt work right the first time. I get an error, and then it asks for me to choose a new service to upload the picture with. I choose the same service again and then it works. I am sure this has been mentioned to the devs, and is being worked on to be fixed.

This is my favorite twitter app. I love all the features, and I always reccomend it to everyone new to twitter. Check out Twittelator Pro in the App Store for $4.99. It may seem a little steep for some. But if you take into account what this app offers, some could say this app should go for even more!
Thanks for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it. And please do realize I could not mention evert feature in every app out there. But if you would like to see another review of a twitter app i didnt mention, please let me know on this post or at my twitter account, @timbe2

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