Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Runner

Where to start with Little Runner? I know! Why on earth did I spend $.99 for this monstrosity of an iPhone game??? This is not just one of those iPhone games that I just don't like because it's too hard or because I don't like the interface. This is so much more. This is a game that I don't think anyone can play. The precision required to play seems almost impossible to do with just your finger. What happens is that the "Little Runner" begins moving across the screen, and it's your job to raise the little platforms higher and lower so that he can make it across without bumping into anything. And even if you can manage to get anywhere, the game gets entirely too boring to even hold the attention of the most intense platform game lover. Alongside it's clunky gameplay and lagged menus, this app is just plain awful. Don't even waste your time.

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