Friday, July 24, 2009

Easy Relax

Ahhhhhhh... *Seagulls fly by, the ocean's waves rise and fall at the same pace as your slow and even breath*. Could anything be more relaxing? Well, the actual thing could be, but when you don't live next to the ocean or in the jungles of India, Easy Relax suffices. This is an easy to use app that allows you to listen to the relaxing sounds of the old west, a Hawaiian vacation, a windy autumn afternoon, the jungle, a fishing hole, a rainy day, blossoms from India, or whale songs. You can set a timer ranging from one minute to 24 hours. When I'm not using Alarm Tunes to fall asleep, I use this. Not only can you listen to the stock sounds that come with the app, but you can create your own using all the available sounds. You can mix and match the sounds of the beach with the sounds of a thunderstorm. One of the complaints I have is that once you have made a track of your own, there is no way to go back into the track and adjust something (volume of the birds, or the number of times a cricket makes their noise). Instead, you have to delete your old track and start over again. Its not a huge problem, but it definitely can get annoying. Other than that, this app works really well and provides some realistic noises to fall asleep to. There are two versions: a $.99 version and a $2.99 version which has a few more ambient sounds and icons next to all the noises.

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