Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boxcar -- Twitter Push Notifications

Finally the update for Boxcar has come out and iPhone users who have been longing for push-notifications for their twitter apps have finally taken a sip of water from the fountain of twitter euphoria.

This push-notification app supports the following twitter apps for the iPhone:
Tweetie, Twitterific, Twittelator, Twitterfon Lite(Twitterfon in the App Store), Twitterfon Pro, and Twinkle. It is believed that it will support Birdfeed once Birdfeed updates their app.

In the setting portion of Boxcar, you see there are many different choices in order to personal the app. Toggle on and off direct messages and mentions. I chose to have both push notifications to me. You can also see that Twittelator is my twitter app of choice. :D And finally, the devs of Boxcar incorporated a way to thank them and make a shout out on your twiter account to them through this icon. Try it out!

This is everything I have asked for, for a developer to create a third party app that allows twitter apps to push notifications to your iPhone. And this app does it verry veryyy well. I have posted some screenshots as well so that you too can see inside of the app before you spend $1.99 for this awesome app. WARNING: this app is not meant to replace any twitter app you already use, it is merely there to enchance your twitter expierence with push-notifications to your iPhone. :D

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