Friday, July 24, 2009

Amateur Surgeon

WARNING: THIS GAME IS PROBABLY NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART (it did almost make Vince pass-out...hehe). Ahhh...What a fine specimen we have here. Have you ever woken up and and thought to yourself, "I think I want to see what it would be like to be a surgeon in conditions not at all suitable for even the poorest of countries!"? Well here is your chance! Amateur Surgeon allows you to perform surgeries on various patients with ailments ranging from bullet wounds to porcupine needles in the lungs. It somewhat resembles a bastardized "Operation" game by Hasbro. This game originate from an online version found on While this game is fun and entertaining, many of the gestures required to play are just too difficult. The precision sometimes needed is much better suited for use with a physical mouse, and using one's finger becomes too difficult. Nonetheless, once you get the hang of some of the tools, this game is still good for passing the time. It's currently on sale for $2.99 or their is a lite version.

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