Saturday, July 25, 2009

NatsuLion (twitter)

Hey guys! @slicks brought it to my attention that there is a twitter app for the iphone that i have never heard of, and he uses it! I knew I had to jump on this opportunity to download it and let you all know what I think of it. It is called NatsuLion, created by Takuma Mori.
First off, I like that the developer set some goals that his users are supposed to experience by using his twitter app. They include..

1. be simple, be fast
2. feature icons
3. accommodate twitter light users
4. and be handy for mobile usage

I really like what the app looks like at first use. The icon is a lion, which is pretty cool. The app itself has two themes, a light one, and a darker one. And along the bottom of the app, we have Friends, Mentions, DM, Favorites, and More(Sents, Unreads, and Settings). The app also has a large reload button at the top of each timeline which is great for users with big thumbs.

There are a couple downsides to this app that I noticed right off the bat. You are not able to see a list of your friends/followers, something that other free twitter apps do have. And there was one more feature I thought was greatly lacking from this app, and it was kind of the deal breaker for me. It does not have to ability to tweet a picture, or tweet your location. This app also doesnt have a contacts list like other free apps.

I do like this twitter app for being free, but I think Twitterfon is a better free twitter app that offers all the features NatsuLion is lacking.


  1. Just got my iPhone yesterday and can't put it down! I'm using twittilator pro, I tried tweetle and it seemed good til I tried the twittilator

  2. craig--

    check out my post of the Epic Twitter Wars. I have reviews for both Tweetie and Twittelator. Love both apps. But Twittelator is currently my default. It is alot more powerful, and still super fast. It also has over 150 features! :D



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