Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rolando 2

By far, the best iPhone game available (next to the original Rolando). Rolando 2 uses all of the incredible features the iPhone has to offer. Most games found in the App Store are just plain awful because they are basically clones of horrible flash games that I could play on the internet for free. It has always been my belief that there should be another version of the App Store called the Crap Store where Apple could safely store all the garbage apps they receive without interfering with the good apps that are in the App Store. Back to Rolando 2, it is a really fun way to spend some time on the iPhone without wasting too much time. Albeit, it felt a little short, it was still extremely fun and exciting. It has a really nice combination of difficulty and fun. With it's gorgeous 3D game-play and fun user interface, you can't go wrong. The $10 price may seem a little steep (and it'll probably go down just like the first one), but this game is definitely worth taking a look at.

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